Hitting it big time: aka content scrapers

Welcome to the internet…

I don’t do advertising, as I know I don’t get that much in the way of traffic.  If anyone cared it’s just over 1.7 million hits a year (break it down, it’s not much!  Were only talking about slightly more than three hits every minute!).  But I saw that my Apache on Windows NT 3.1 is averaging 100 hits a day, and I saw that I’d been scraped and mirrored on 126kr.com ..Oddly enough they didn’t scrape the Apache site.

content-theftVery odd.

First I was pissed, but you know as they say you can’t keep anything original on the internet, so just embrace it.  Inadvertently they do link back to the NT Apache, which then links back to me.  I guess I only care that there may be other things that readers may find interesting that 126kr hasn’t mirrored yet.

Oh well.

2 thoughts on “Hitting it big time: aka content scrapers

    • Hmm tempting, although last time I got into a ‘web fight’ they sent out nasty letters saying I was hosting a virus to the data centre I was in, and had my servers destroyed….

      If anything, I guess I should be happy that even spammer/scammers are noticing me. Although I’m pretty sure it’s a 100% automated process, and I’m not actually that popular.

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