2 thoughts on “The rise and fall of Gopher

  1. I miss gopher. It was all about information and not information noise. Compare it to flash and advertisement ridden websites. I was hoping of revival similar to BBS scene. Technically possible for sites with structured data and APIs. For example Github or Reddit or even WordPress sites should be totally available via Gopher. Maybe time to write a reverse proxy.

    • The larger issue I see with Gopher is that it is a 1991 style protocol, with no support for virtual named servers, no encryption, really crappy input options to pass to CGI, and did it even support things like session state even with the hack that is cookies?

      I think that old ‘mobile web’ webm? was the only gopher like thing to http, then devices got ‘smarter’ and now I get blinking ads on my phone.

      Gopher just harkens back to the day when the internet wasn’t commercialized, so yeah it was more content. And for everything else there was usenet.

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