Dunc’s Algomusic MkIIIb

You may know this from the opening music from Stuart Ashen’s, and his videos.  I never knew that this was actually a procedurally generated tune though.  Although the original site is long since gone, archive.org did manage to save a couple of the binary music generators.  They don’t export, and I somehow doubt the source was ever available, but ithey do generate interesting music from a fixed seed you provide.

As another example, here is my domain name, superglobalmegacorp.com:

These are for Windows only, but if anyone else has any more information on the programs’s Im always interested.



Since this has exploded in popularity after being featured on Vinny’s Vinesauce, the author Duncan Timiney has resurfaced, and he is hosting the files over on his site, marasmusine.itch.io.  Even better he’s located source code to MK V.

Super cool!

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      • Hey, just curious about the new tool used on Vinny’s Stream, Zalgomusic? I can’t seem to find a download for it anywhere, do you happen to know anything? thanks a bunch 🙂

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