Burgertime 7/12/2015 aka DooM 3DO port

I found this talk rather interesting!

I didn’t know that the Jag DooM was considered a reference platform.  It’s an interesting talk about the rush job that was 3DO DooM, along with a small talk on fixed point math and other inside information on software development.  It is a little long, just over an hour.

3 thoughts on “Burgertime 7/12/2015 aka DooM 3DO port

  1. I don’t know if the Jag port was truly the “reference”, but I think it was Carmack’s favorite. (Disclaimer: I never played it although I still have a Jaguar.) Better graphics, ran consistently at 30fps (although he later said he would like to have had more time to improve that even further). No music except between levels. Supposed to be a very good port. The compiler was lost, though, but (IIRC) I think they did donate the sources of that port to one latter-day developer (many years later), Carl Forhan.

    • In the video, Rebecca said that when she contacted iD on behalf of the publisher she was sent 2 CD-ROMs one was the pc source, and the other was the Jaguar port.

      I would imagine that at least for testing they would crosscompile from the next as it had a 68000 cpu as well

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