What’s your bother?

No, it's legit.

No, it’s legit.

I saw this and had to chuckle, but no it really is a real want ad.


Salary: £30,000 + benefits

After a numerous amount of complaints from residents and visitors over recent months, the city council is looking for a unique individual to fill the position of ‘Pidgeon Botherer’ during peak shopping hours in order to keep the flying vermin off of the main high street.

With a competitive salary, a pigeon costume and a poking device all provided by the council, the ideal applicant will be able to show that they can successfully scare the pigeons enough to never return to the area. Creativity and innovation in scaring pigeons is a must.

Open auditions for the role will commence at 9:00am. Costume is optional but very welcome.

You seriously can’t make this stuff up.

For anyone interested, the job is in Polham.

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