Thanks Apple!

iPod is disabled

iPod is disabled

I only have to wait 24,153,992 minutes to unlock my iPod!  That is just under 46 years.

So I haven’t used this in a few months, and the battery went flat, but with iOS 9 or whatever this is running it reset to 1970, and now won’t let me even try to unlock it.  Good thing the MacBook Air I sync’d it with is dead too.  I guess that’s 2012 for me.

I just don’t want to hard reset it, so I guess I’ll have to see if there is a root kit/hack to set the clock.

2 thoughts on “Thanks Apple!

  1. Over in another forum I mentioned my (brand new, not NOS, but 40 year old design) cassette player. That one won’t lock me out if the batteries run out. But your iPod does. It’s not an iPad or an iPhone or something like that – it’s just a glorified cassette player, right? So why is there a need for a lock screen to start with? I don’t feel a need to lock auth unauthorized access to my cassette player..
    Just scratching my head here.. something isn’t right with the world.
    (And my cassette player was recommended by Apple, that’s why I bought it – for my Apple II [it was still in production, if you can believe that]. So something changed inside Apple over the years.. :))

    • Your tape player wasn’t a general-purpose computer with email, was it?

      Anyways, I think if you log into the same iCloud account as the iPod is, you could unlock it that way. iTunes and most JB procedures will expect the device to be unlocked.

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