Quake on HPPA (Gecko) NeXTSTEP

So forever ago I had done a super bare port of Quake to NeXTSTEP.  It was based on a copy of UAE 0.6.0 source code that included hooks for NeXTSTEP.  So seizing on this I built a shaky framework and amazingly got it to work.  Well work enough I had trouble with the mouse part, and never did get around to fixing it, but I kicked it out into the world.  And amazingly the HPPA cross compiled version that I compiled but never tested runs!

My whole misadventure is on nextcomputers.org, and blakespot has a blog about finding the gecko and it’s 32bit video modes here.

5 thoughts on “Quake on HPPA (Gecko) NeXTSTEP

    • maybe I should try to fix it, or at least do quakeworld…. maybe quake2 as well but I think it’d run 1/2 to 1/3rd the speed of quake1

  1. This is a great one, indeed.

    As you did this forever ago, I guess there’s no chance of getting back in and getting the colortable working with modes other than 256-colors? 🙂 I had to ask / beg.

    Lovely effort!

    • I’m trying to remember what I did to get it to work… I guess the other thing to test is UAE for NeXT, and see if it renders it’s colours correctly…

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