DooM shovelware CD archive!



In the mid 90’s the CD-ROM format was becoming insanely popular, and seen as a ‘get rich quick’ scheme for a brief time.  And of course one of the greatest, customizable games ever, DooM is from that era!  Combine the two, and you have an awesome collection of shovelware CD’s featuring DooM utilities, mods, and levels!

Perhaps one of the more popular CD-ROM distributors was Walnut Creek, which had a good relationship with FreeBSD.  Oddly enough it would eventually merge with BSDi, and split, merge, acquire, become acquired by others. has their massive CD-ROM collection online!  And, it of course includes the DooM 1994 CD.

2 thoughts on “DooM shovelware CD archive!

    • Awesome! Hope you have the 4.4 encumbered CD set… (was there such a thing?) and at least fill in the Net2/Lite CD’s that are missing. And Im sure plenty of other things.

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