Updated PCem networking build

Now in step with build 347.

I haven’t heard anything too wrong with my stuff, so no changes.

Build is located here: PCem-build-347-pcap-slirp.7z

One nice change is that IDE devices are reset between reboots, so us 386 and 486 fans (probably others) can now reboot and actually boot.

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4 thoughts on “Updated PCem networking build

  1. Thank you for the 347 build. I have it running using WinPCap connectivity, host is a P4 2.4 running XP, client is an emulated 486DX25 running Windows 98SE. For now, WinPCap is piggy-backed on a physical network adapter on the host.

    Connectivity appears flawless, with the client machine having no problems accessing the Internet or Windows Networking shares on my LAN. DHCP configuration worked without issue. My only installation issue was that I missed the “net_type” configuration, which was set for SLiRP when I was trying to use WinPCap.

    Regerding PCem itself; System information using SiSoft Sandra and SysInfo from Norton Systemworks 2001 is reported correctly. Stability is quite good. Everything I’ve seen so far indicates the OS and applications think they’re running on real hardware.

    I want to see if I can piggy-back WinPCap on a TUN-TAP device tied to an OpenVPN virtual LAN, and get it working. End result being an amusing but not all that useful ‘Cloud’ 486 🙂

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