PCem networking update to build 334

You can download the build here: PCem-build-334-pcap-slirp.7z

This includes more different core binaries, and mostly fixes the NE2000 to no longer panic and fault out when something dumb tries to probe it, by writing the wrong values in the wrong places.

For the curious build 334 is right here.  We didn’t make the feature cut for version 10, so hopefully it’ll make 11.  I’ll provide an unofficial build once v10 is announced, along with hopefully better networking back end modules, expanding things from pcap & SLiRP.

3 thoughts on “PCem networking update to build 334

  1. Wonderful work on how the way you’ve been improving networking capabilities! I’m glad to see the NE2000 card is no longer treated as a sound card!

    As far as I know, PCem emulation is getting better and better! 🙂

    • yeah those brean dead detection things in OS/2 rocked it the wrong way. Funny thing is that Windows 95, and NT 3.51 don’t act stupid, and can detect it just fine.

      • So true. The same thing applies to the network detection in Windows NT 4.0.

        The brain dead detection caused the OS/2 installation to quit the PCem emulation and with the r334 update, it should no longer do that.

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