More progress on PCem and networking

SLiRP tcp redirects now working

SLiRP tcp redirects now working

PCem is different from other emulators in that when it starts up, reboots it’ll tear itself apart, and re-kick all the components.  Normally other emulators do this once, and as a result I never noticed that slirp_exit doesn’t actually purge the socket state.  And calling the socket teardown call causes a mbuf explosion in the code.  Sadly GDB is pretty useless trying to debug it, since it’s claiming all the structure members don’t exist.  Very strange.

Luckily I could duplicate the debug feature to go though current socket redirects, and close the sockets on the Windows side with a simple closesocket.

In this version I’ve setup the following TCP port redirects:

ExternalPORT    Internal Port
42322                 22
42323                 23
42380                 80
42443                 443

I still haven’t messed with the rc file, so there is no GUI config, instead you have to do it in the text files.  I have some notes on the whole thing on the pcem forum here.

Download the executables and source here:

And for those interested, the diff against mainline 328 is here.

One thought on “More progress on PCem and networking

  1. Good work so far on how you’re developing the SLiRP patches for PCem! 😀

    Let’s hope that it will be made in v11 if it can’t make in v10. 🙂

    Just curious to ask though. If you’re using the Award SiS 496/497 machine and running MS-DOS 6.22 with Windows 3.1, are you experiencing any issues involving CHKDSK falsely reporting errors when running the MS-DOS prompt from Windows?

    I have so far…apparently because I either have the EMM386 or QEMM386 expanded memory manager running.

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