7 thoughts on “Mapping into onedrive

    • PiPo W4.. They have been surpassed with devices with more ram, more flash etc, but Office 365 is about $800 HKD ($125 USD), and these tablets are $799 HKD and include Office 365. So I can pay $1 HKD for 1TB of cloud storage, even if only for a year. Plus with the ‘free upgrade’ to Windows 10, I don’t mind being on new software this cycle, it wasn’t as painful as prior years.

      • A slightly better version of that tablet can be found at MicroCenter stores in the US as the Winbook TW800 (1GB RAM 16GB storage) and TW802 (2GB RAM 32GB storage). Both have a full sized USB port too.

        • Well I should hope so, time goes on, and specs always get better for PCs. typically the wintablet clones in HK now have 2GB of ram, and 32gb of storage for the low end.

  1. Mainly because Windows 10 gutted the existing placeholder systems in OneDrive, so you have to use WebDAV if you don’t want them on your local disk.

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