Announcing DJGPP 2.05 Beta 1

Yes, you read that right, not only is DJGPP still alive, but after the much stalled 2.04 beta cycle that has been going on for more than a decade, they have decided to push forward with 2.05 to get a release out there!


This is announcement of DJGPP 2.05 beta 1

It has numerous changes since previous DJGPP 2.04 beta 1 release in 2003.
Unfortunately DJGPP v2.04 was never released and old beta version slowly
became almost unusable together with other newer DJGPP packages.

More information about changes in DJGPP 2.05 beta 1 is available at

both in sections about changes in 2.04 and 2.05. The same information is also
available in file info/kb.inf in

It needs a lot of testing. Please test it if you have time and/or are
interested in any of the above features. Any level of testing would be

The beta is not available via the Zip Picker interface. You can download it
from here:

Additionally RPM packages (source and binary packages for i686 and x86_64) are
available from

Please see the README file for instructions on how to install the beta:

You can also download DJGPP 2.05 beta 1 packages from DJGPP mirror sites:

Thanks for all who have contributed to development of DJGPP

Andris Pavenis

I haven’t used it yet, but I see the following files in the beta directory:

djdev205 DJGPP V2 Development Kit and Runtime
djlsr205 DJGPP V2 Base Library Sources
djtst205 DJGPP V2 Test Programs (for testing the C library)
djcrx205 DJGPP V2 Cross-to-DOS Compiler Support Files (from djlsr/djdev)
djtzn205 DJGPP V2 Timezone Files
djtzs205 DJGPP V2 Timezone Sources

also floating around in the beta directory is GCC 5.1.0!

No doubt it’ll be a good excuse to rebuild and update some Quake related things to see how we fare in 21 century MS-DOS!

2 thoughts on “Announcing DJGPP 2.05 Beta 1

  1. I actually emailed with DJ Delorie for a while regarding some DG/UX work. Didn’t even know about DJGPP to be honest :O *ashamed*

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