8 thoughts on “DoomED source released for NeXTSTEP

  1. Have been trying my hardest to get Previous to compile on windows… any pointers to a proper build setup (Cygwin? MinGW?)
    Goal has been to get your enet_pcap.c from the Mac version you release on the other forum built for Windows…
    Any pointers greatly appreciated!

    And then running Doom would just be icing on the cake.

    • you have to fight cmake. Which is a nightmare on its own. Use the cmake gui, its the only easy way to get it to puke iut a windows make file.

      It never finds my sdl or libz so you have to path it in.

      There is some important bits that need to be pasted in the pcap to work on windows. I have them from my cockatrice experiments, i was just grabbing the os x stuff for this particular experiment.

      I have to run to china tomorrow, i dont think i have time to hack until wednesday.

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