Previous 0.52 (trunk 391) + slirp

So I got this request to add in some SLiRP to Previous, the NeXT computer emulator.  Sadly work got in the way, and I trashed my windows dev machine.  To make it worse I also trashed my MacBook Air, but with a bit of screwing around I got X-code removed, and re-installed.

So Here is my wonderful work, some 50 lines of code + the SLiRP from Cockatrice all hacked up.

ICMP to seems to work fine, UDP seems to not work, so no DNS.  I don’t know why either.  I can telnet to my BBS just fine, which is about all the testing I’ve done.

Previous to the BBS

Previous to the BBS

Inbound TCP seems to be broken too, but I could be initializing slirp_redirect incorrectly too.

In case you want to follow up on this the NeXT computer forums is the place to be.  Networking with NeXTSTEP is involved.

And for anyone who want’s my files, the source is here, and an OS X 10.10.3 binary is here.  Be sure to install the SDL2 framework ahead of time!

12 thoughts on “Previous 0.52 (trunk 391) + slirp

  1. Great stuff! Don’t know if you ever got my email, but qemu-system-sparc git master now boots and installs NeXTStep 3.3 in both 8 and 24 bit colour modes too 🙂

    • Wow I’m sorry I don’t see any email.. I get an incredible amount of spam though… I’d love to hear any details about this, RISC NeXT is something that by the time I got machines it was long dead. But I’d still love to see it!

      • Are you referring to the (I think it was) 6.5.5 leak? I saw mention of that somewhere but never found it. That would have definitely been MIPS though.

        And is there really a serious effort around getting IRIX to boot in emulator? I can’t imagine that would be an easy task, considering the amount of work that went into getting those boxes to boot Linux and openbsd (and even then, hardware support on the newer boxes is spotty — no graphics on ODYSSEY, no acceleration on the older boards).

        But you can get just about any pre-Fuel workstation for pretty cheap anyway…

        • Actually, it’s IRIS 3.7. It’s the source to the kernel, and the unix userland… Nothing for the 3d or graphical stuff.

          It’s all 68020 based, and besides that all I know is that ILM used to be contributors back in the day.

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