Bringing back the WinZork demo via jsDOSBox

So with all the excitement with jsDOSBox it was about time I tried to get something from my old java dosbox stuff running again.

As a quick note, as of right now, you cannot boot into a disk image… Nor can you really run bat files, or any kind of drivers beforehand.  It’s basically either use a script that adds files one by one, or use an image file which gets mounted, and you run your exe/com file from that.

So here we go, back again is the old Fortran Dungeon (zork) compiled with QuickC for Windows, running on the working model version of Windows 3.0.

Dungeon via F2C

Dungeon via F2C

Click here, and enjoy!

For anyone interested my old post about this Fortran/Zork adventure is here.


6 thoughts on “Bringing back the WinZork demo via jsDOSBox

  1. Cool demo! Sorry about the mouse control. It is now the top priority for the february release. If you have any dev requests, please send them through. The reason .bat files can’t be executed is connected to why boot hasn’t been implemented and it is related to the single-threaded world of js (and my lack of skill). As a workaround I am sure back in the day there was dos programs to compile .bat to .com. I’m now inspired to see if i can run parts of I am also working on a request to improve a demo of an emulator for an 8-bit microcomputer running inside this emulator.

    • I havent dived under the hood of DOSBox, but I have tried to port Basilisk II, and had issues because of the threadding.. I cheated and manually called the thread periodically from within the main loop. Of course for some reason SDL doesn’t update anything in the video area, but I know the loop runs via some debug printing.

      How do you debug emscripten stuff anyways?

      Oh and features? Of course I want modems to work! .. As much as I hate to be *that* user, but this would be the ultimate doom party thing.

      • Networking would be great. Certainly doable, but beyond me i’m afraid. At this point i think emdosbox is the superior option. It uses the emscripten dev chain, i still use GWT for jsdosbox (may change to another method). Js ES6 includes yield/generators which is an option for implementing threading. There is even a few neat VM implementations that run inside a Js VM providing threads.

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