13 thoughts on “So I must be crazy, I just tried Virtual PC 2007 SP1 on Windows 10

  1. This stinks. I’ll have to wait for the CP to upgrade. The reason? Most ISPs in my country don’t offer plans that have a quota of more than 40GB/month. With all these upgrades weighing around 2-3 GB and my dreadful internet speed, (in most practical cases, 60-120 KB/s, and I’m living in a state capital!) I’m not that eager to upgrade for the smaller things like animations and notification centers. 9841 works well enough and why fix what is not broken?

    • I hear ya! I have a 6MB down, 768 connection up. 90% of Hong Kong is faster than me. I have to visit friends/family who have anywhere from a 100MB to 1GIG connection. It’s annoying have such antiquated speeds in the modern age.

      But I’m lucky in that I don’t have bandwidth thresholds.

      I don’t know what was changed, just that auto update pulled in the newer version. VMware has it as a known issue, and says to try a newer version, which publicly there isn’t any.

      • O RLY? My grandparents house is just 2-3km away. There, I’m magically getting speeds like 300-400 KB/s (keep in mind that the test download had speeds of 60-90 KB/s at my house). And there’s the bandwidth limits. I have to limit my usage to 40GB per month! For someone who is a very heavy downloader, this is a great blow.

        • I was looking on ebay at some OC-3 card for $0.99. So I phoned PCCW my local carrier and asked how much to run an OC-3 to my area. They laughed, as they knew it was about the slow internet, and flat out said no.

          even a 10/10mb connection would be worth it to me, but they don’t want anything to do with the last mile out here.

  2. PS: No, you are not crazy to try VPC 2007 on W10. Surprisingly enough, old Linux distros (up to SuSE 7.2, that’s the latest I tested) work very well on VPC too, due to its hardware and especially its emulated S3 card, resulting in much better stock performance than in VMware or anything else

    Plus, the BSoD has a different error code than what you get with an unpatched vmm.sys. Try using Compatibility Mode.

    • now that im back on windows 7, I can run 10 in a VM, and try virutal PC from there. The #1 cool thing about VMware is that it can run itself.

      Looking down, it’s nothing but turtles, right?

  3. Seine Windows 8.1 Pro x64 es pro Programme vom mir Virtual PC 2007 SP1 laufen von VMM.sys für Divers (System32 und SysWOW64) wieder Abmelden entsprechend gestartet werden pro Programme dann Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 hat Start nicht mehr in Bluescreen zu viele schade…

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