PCem is getting a dynamic recompiler!

It’s in the current source, right now, but I figured I’d build it and give it a shot.

The dynamic core consumes MUCH less CPU power.  The only current downside seems to be a 56kb/sec memory leak (I guess some dynamic code block isn’t being discarded).  But I have to say it’s REALLY cool to be running DOOM v1.1 on MS-DOS 5.0 and it’s running at 0% CPU utilization on my Xeon.

And as always the ‘normal’ non dynamic version is just fantastic.

I’ve only tested it with DOOM, and it’s worked great.  Give it a try?

20 thoughts on “PCem is getting a dynamic recompiler!

  1. I see there is now Pentium/MMX support too! Just need some 3DFX emulation and I’ll have a VM for all my Win9x gaming needs!

    • I know it has Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 (S3 ViRGE/325) emulation in there, but I’ve never tried to set it up. The thought of installing Windows 98 is kind of nauseating… lol

  2. Hi neozeed!
    Is it possible to emulate WinCE 5 with qemu? With GUI etc.
    I’ve created an OS image (NK.bin) with VS 2005 Platform Builder, but really don’t understand how to boot it up 🙁
    May I ask you to help me with it? Maybe it’s better to use mail/skype but not comments here (my mail is gator[…dog..]bigmir.net).
    Thank you in advance!

    • Cirrus isn’t required since PCEm emulates better video cards for compatibility with almost all OSs and old programs that use custom drivers, like AutoCAD, PADS or 3DMAX (comes to my mind Tseng and Paradise Video emulation).

      But would be nice to have a basic SCSI emulation to overcome the limitations of the old ST506/IDE drivers that came with almost all older OSs, including slow operation and the dread storage capacity limits. Actually VBox can emulate an Adaptec compatible using the included Buslogic core emulation, which is compatible with some pretty old drivers, like the ones included in WinNT betas and OS/2 1.x.
      Would be nice to get something like this intro PCem.

  3. rv184 had a bug about CD Audio, I fixed it in my own :p (hint: the bug is in both win.c and pc.c about the initializing the devices).

  4. Weirdly, this dynarec version never worked under my Windows 8.1 x64 host… Each time it just throws out “PCem_dynarec_release.exe has stopped working” and quit violently.

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