Its that time of the year again

provider issues….

Dear Customer,

In the past month we sent out a survey to our customers requesting feedback on the services you receive from us and in particular the location. We carried out this survey due to the situation we have with our current provider in Germany. We have been fighting long and hard in an attempt to rectify long standing issues with them with regards to stability and reliability. Instead of improving, the situation has become worse to the point where servers are randomly powered down because a DC technician has knocked a power cable out and hardware is failing with no replacements being actioned despite our requests. More recently, we’ve had issues with them working on their network and ‘forgetting’ to plug servers back in.

As you can imagine, this kind of service impacts greatly on you, our customers, and it’s not something we can continue to accept. Despite our best efforts a resolution with them has been unattainable so we have had to make the decision to move customers with immediate effect.

It’s really not their fault, so time to backup again, and get ready for the shuffle.

Maybe it’s time to move to CloudFlare.

2 thoughts on “Its that time of the year again

  1. the problem is that Im a bad user… what I need is a dedicated server (again).. Although I’ve learned my lesson about backups…

    but not to fear I think I have something in the works

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