In the ‘why do I even bother’ department, I just got placed on a RBL

for spam.


$20 USD ransom

$20 USD ransom

And this is what the internet has become, gone are the days of open connected system, but instead tolls to be paid to trolls as idiots believe their services are legit.

I always thought things would fall apart in censorship (which sure happens), lawyers, and idiotic patents, but I never thought of arbitrary tolls from no name, fly by night companies like this “”.

What really amazes me, is that they actually want to demand a $20 ransom for me being able to send email, and I foolishly gave them (and verified) my email address, so without a doubt I’ll see my SPAM volume increase drastically.  So the joke is if you tried to move away from google, you are unable to do so as these NSA friendly companies will no doubt do their best to keep you stuck.

Obviously I got into the wrong business, as people are scared of the big bad internet, and there is money to be made by ‘allowing’ open protocols to function.

6 thoughts on “In the ‘why do I even bother’ department, I just got placed on a RBL

  1. If you can’t beat them, join them!

    Start your own black listing website and start by blacklisting the blacklist sites! With blackjack. And hookers.

    In fact, forget the whole website.

    • yeah… I still remember when netcom got NNTP access, and it felt like the end of the world, then there was the whole AOL me too! thing….

  2. Curious… Do you know how you got placed on the RBL in the first place? It’s bullshit that they hold your service ransom but how’d you get caught up in their web in the first place? I’m assuming it’s arbitrary.

    • I have no idea as to why. I tried to email someone with a .mac address and got sent back some message (of course apple is more than willing to send me their ‘valuable’ offers in email) to some site that claimed I sent a single spam message and was therefore RBL’d..

      It’s another guilty before innocence company doing their best to extort money from someone who isn’t a big player that has the audacity to be on the internet.

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