Flat Rock Software has open sourced a bunch of early iD stuff

You can find the source in their git here.

Games include:

CatacombThe CatacombCatacomb 3DCatacomb Abyss, and Hovertank3D

However this does not include the data files (of course).  Also this is not 100% of the source code, as I noticed that libraries are required.

I haven’t taken too much of a deep look though.

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One thought on “Flat Rock Software has open sourced a bunch of early iD stuff”

  1. The Cat Abyss code works! But, YOU MUST have the version from 12-2-93. Was getting all kinds of memory allocation errors trying to get it to start, after much printf sprinkling I ended up at the GFX header that was generated with IGRAB for where the chunks are located in EGAGRAPH.

    Anyways, here it is: http://dk.toastednet.org/Cat_Abys.7z

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