So I just made a major goof

I accidentally restored a CPIO on top of my root… oops.

So in case you are wondering why I’m going to be offline for a while, that is why.

5 thoughts on “So I just made a major goof

  1. I think I have it under control now. I got real lucky in that I still had a logged in SSH session, and I had installed owncloud. SSH wouldn’t accept new connections as I’d overwritten /bin /usr/bin and /dev. But Apache/php/owncloud was working so I could just replicate some tar files of a like VM, and now I can scp/ssh again.

    I’ve been able to stop/start mysql & apache so I think I’m ok now. I think.
    I’ll have to copy off everything I can before I even think about rebooting.

    • I know.. I’ve been following from a distance. I just broke some teeth so I’m busy making payments on some guy’s yacht… 😐

      I was a long time contributor to the OpenBSD project. It is sad to see it slip away, and yet everyone seems to benefit from it’s OpenSSH.

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