QuakeWorld Clients

I thought Id’ take a few hours to update some builds based on the latest QWDOS source.

So I spent a few hours updating some QuakeWorld clients.. for reproducibility sakes, I built out the MS-DOS one and that worked fine.  The OS/2 one ‘works’ but the keyboard isn’t working.  Not so sure why not.  The Win32 version works fine, although I’m building with Visual C++ 4.0, and no assembly or DirectX.  Just straight GDI.

Next will be Linux with svgalib.

So my work is here.  I could go more into how to build, but I don’t know if anyone cares.

2 thoughts on “QuakeWorld Clients

  1. I’m actually interested 🙂
    Recently built an old computer for retro gamin’ purposes and it sounds like fun to try and mess around with the QW source while I’m learning C. But I guess it’s not very involved if all I want to do is build the Win32 version, right? Just use VC++ 4.0?

    • Well VC 4.0 isn’t so bad, you can ‘explore’ the solution and see how things interact with each-other. And you can make arbitrary changes, and if it breaks badly just undo the changes, or just re-extract the source….

      Although for a beginner, QuakeWorld is… incredibly complex! But everyone starts somewhere, and Quake is pretty modular source wise.

      The only thing you have to lose is your time 😉

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