Aclock Reaches #200 Ports!

(this is a guest post from Tenox)

aclock-arm#197 – Aclock ARM Windows RT by Peter Godwin

IMG_1880#198 – Alock M68K LynxOS by Plamen Mihaylov

aclock-demos#199 – Aclock PDP11 DEMOS by Dima Naumov

And long long long awaited…

aclock-ppc-nthal#200 Aclock PowerPC WindowsNT HAL Driver by myself

No cheating with numbers! Compiled and ran today on my ThinkPad 860. Just realized it’s #200. I think celebration with BSOD is in order! The screenshot was made using IP KVM. I will make an actual photo of the laptop screen another day.

Again thanks for everyone for contributions!

Last but not least there is a screenshot of previously cross compiled Aclock PowerPC OS/2 running on ThinkPad 850. Both the port and picture are courtesy of Michal Necasek of OS/2 Museum. Hope he won’t kill me for leaking the photo:

Aclock PPC OS/2

18 thoughts on “Aclock Reaches #200 Ports!

  1. This project is truly spectacular. More often than not, I find myself having to look up the platforms this project has been ported to/compiled for and end up being insanely jealous that people have (own?) access to that gear!

    Congrats tenox, 200 different platforms is a huge achievement!

    Any other platforms you’re chasing binaries for? Should we be aiming for 300 😉

    • 300 will be along way. But certainly possible, even without going to game consoles and cell phones that much. So if you go back to this post you will see few more ideas. In terms of priority I think OS-9 is now one of most important. I know a guy from Radisys who can compile it on multiple CPUs once there is a port working on OS-9.

      For the brave ones there is Windows NT 3.x / 4.0 POSIX subsystem (not SUA/SFU) with termcap implementation. See this. Combined NT Reskit with a very very old SDK one can actually build apps for it.

  2. I’m surprised there isn’t an EFI/UEFI port yet (and since we’re talking about bootloaders, it shouldn’t be too hard to port it to syslinux 4 and 5 either).

  3. Is your code written to mimic an NT HAL or is that a “native application” (and on PowerPC at that ;-))

    Is this a PReP box?

    I was thinking of seeing how far I could get with booting the ARC shim + ntoskrnl and a dummy HAL on my OldWorlds…

    • after googling, he’s here:

      Visit Mr. Ko and Brother Cream at Shop 1, G/F, South Seas Centre, 75 Mody Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui.

      The cat is “Brother Cream” …. 🙂

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