TTPod restricted ip address…

So my wife loves this Chinese application TTPod, which lets you listen to music.  And oh joy last night it suddenly stops working because of an error of “invalid ip address”.

Well it seems that the application will now only fully work in China.  Even though we are in a SAR (Hong Kong) it isn’t good enough it would seem.

I haven’t used Pandora in ages, and I thought I’d try that to get the same thing.

So for people who like this kind of thing, (esp my wife who just must have facebook while we are in China) I use OverPlay which has VPN endpoints in numerous countries, and supports things like OpenVPN & PPTP which is perfect for devices like iPhone & Android Phones.  So I can still get my BBC & CBC Fix, along with access to my Hulu subscription while abroad.

I swear that IP restrictions are so retarded, all they do is make you funnel traffic to get around them, and punish expats.

8 thoughts on “TTPod restricted ip address…

    • Then the only solution will be to do it yourself…. Getting a VPS isn’t too hard these days, nor all that expensive. Configuring some kind of PPTP daemon isn’t too involved either.

      But yes, as always lawyers & bankers kill the fun on the internet.

  1. Hi,

    I am having the same problem on my phone. ugh. I don’t think I can live without Ttpod. First Kugou now this!

    Btw, did you find a way around the ip restrictions?

    • Unfortunately I have had to update my ios and have lost my jailbreak 🙁 so I am currently sitting on ios 7.1.1.
      I have tried a VPN and had no luck, the only thing that got ttPod working for me (on a Jailbroken device) was to patch the app via a package in Cydia named FLEX which worked great, but unfortunately as I said I had to update ios so I’m screwed until “the new JB comes out 🙁
      There has to be an other way around…I’ll keep looking

  2. Please I love TTPOD they should let it work in all countries, it the best lyrics app among other lyrics app…am unable to use it here in Nigeria again, very painful

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