Sad day for people who signed onto SUN’s virtualization strategies.

From slashdot, Oracle to stop developing SUN virtualization technologies.  In a way I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner, as chasing after VMWare isn’t part of Larry’s strategy to take over the world with databases.

How long does the SPARC have left to live?

Or Solaris for that matter?

—edit seems they are going to keep VirtualBOX afterall!


Going forward, Oracle’s desktop portfolio investments will be focused on continued development and new enhancements to both Oracle Secure Global Desktop and Oracle VM VirtualBox software.

5 thoughts on “Sad day for people who signed onto SUN’s virtualization strategies.

  1. Maybe using VMWare was a good idea now that I look back. VirtualBox in next on the chopping box, QEMU is only a shadow of itself, and so on…

    This has been a bad year for desktop virtualization.

  2. I really hope Oracle keeps their promise because VirtualBox works very well as an alternative to VMWare. They almost killed Openoffice and MySQL was dead later on after Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems (now Maria DB continues on MySQL’s legacy). I don’t trust Oracle as much as Sun itself.

    • You should trust no company. Companies are for profit. If there is no profit they kill stuff. It was quite obvious that virtualization or SPARC weren’t the things Oracle bought Sun for. So no surprise here.

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