Blake Stone source code released!

Blake Stone!

Blake Stone!


Honestly I never played Blake Stone, because as the wikipedia entry says DOOM came out a week later.  Blake is a Wolf3d variant, so I would imagine that the same build environment that can build Wolf3d can build Blake (Borland C 3.1 & TASM 3.1).

For those of you interested in this 20+ year old artifact, you can download the source code here.  And as mentioned Blake can be purchased through steam as part of the Apogee Throwback Pack.

An update to the whole thing, Marakaate has fixed the source well enough to compile!  You can read about his adventure here, and download his updated source here.  He’s also asked me to plug his BBS, .. You can just telnet to the IP address.  There is some palette issues as they are compiled into the game, not read from the data files (wtf?) and have been extracted from an exe, however the starting logo is all wrong.. But the game works.

So, enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Blake Stone source code released!

  1. Yes, The original Wolf3d build environment is the same for Blake Stone. However, there are a few other tools like “Jampak.exe” and a few screen grab tools that were part of the original set of tools that Mike and I used when we wrote Blake. Hopefully someone will port this code and share the source with us. I’ve been too busy the past 20 years to do anything at all except for work and family.

    best of luck to whom ever works on it 🙂

    Jim Row

    • Hey Jim,

      Me and another fellow got it all working except for the JAM logo colour palette. It appears that the GAMEPAL must have a little bit extra for that according to the code. Although, the one guy extracted what we thought was all of it maybe it really wasn’t.

      Either way, I’m glad I can play it on DOS with some modernized controls. If you find the original screen tools could you drop me a line?

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