Can any Chrome users test this link?

You can now easily download the scriptable Amiga emulator, and even better inject your own ADF’s and whatnot. Naturally you’ll want the AROS ROM’s one & two. You can even download my ADF.

It may take a minute to boot, but you should get something like this:

Dungeon for Amiga

Dungeon for Amiga

This is a bootable diskette with the version of Dungeon I built using DICE.

16 thoughts on “Can any Chrome users test this link?

  1. It works with Chrome on Android.. and also with the built-in Android browser. For both of them it takes a few minutes to start up (and both with a message about Webaudio not working), and then it looks good. But it’s slow.. you don’t want to scroll through the full help text, for example, it’s like when using a teletype (well, maybe it’s more realism as far as the original Dungeon is concerned.. 🙂 This is with an Asus Transformer Prime. My 64-bit Linux quadcore desktop is definitely faster than a quadcore Tegra, at least for this..
    I noticed that in Chrome (still on Android) the letters ‘z’ and ‘y’ were swapped.. so to enter ‘yes’ with the keyboard I had to enter ‘zes’ (and it displayed ‘yes’ and worked like ‘yes’). I didn’t actuall type ‘yes’ with the Android browser so I don’t know if the same problem is there. But I got the feeling that the Android browser worked slightly more smoothly, at least for startup. The Chrome browser is beta anyway.


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