Like to save old crap (Errr, I mean vital data?)

Well as the end of the year approaches, and in the USofA everyone looks for taxible donations, or just the holiday spirit of giving, here is a humble suggestion:

Yep, the guys who run the wayback machine, and all kinds of other nifty stuff (like the usenet archive) are running a fundraiser to get four petabytes of storage.  So far they are one down, three to go.

If you can, donate here.

FWIW I sent them $20 USD.

2 thoughts on “Like to save old crap (Errr, I mean vital data?)

  1. For the record, me and Tux have something like this, but it’s private and it’s got a variety of everything.

    If you ask nice, you can have it – it’s even got a mirror of your stuff!

    All >78G worth!

    • hey, no problem, everyone should wget the world, from time to time… 😉

      I should see if I can do a ‘sanatized’ dump of wordpress, without logs, ip addresses & passwords.. Not that I plan on dying anytime soon, but I should make this somewhat available incase of disaster or something.

      In a way I guess blogspot was that, but when it went down hard for two weeks… well it was all to easy for them to have given up on us little people who generate $3.25 google adsense revenue over three years…

      Although I am happy to say that I’ve cut operational expenses down to $74 USD a year, which is $42 for the primary VPS, $21 for the secondary VPS, and $10 for the domain name.. So at least this is somewhat affordable if anything.

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