Janus Amiga Emulator

Janus + Kickstart 2 ROM

Janus + Kickstart 2 ROM

I’ve been looking for a good Amiga emulator as of late, something that I can mount a physical device (say a CF card), format it and install AmigaDOS, AmiTCP and a few other things, and get it to work on a physical Amiga.

Anyways I did a cursory google search to see what the state of Amiga emulation is, and I came across this very cool emulator, Janus that is written in java script.

You read that right, derived from UAE, Janus is a javascript Commodore Amiga Emulator.

So I loaded it up using Chrome, selected a dumped ROM, and lo I got the boot animation!  Shuffling around I got a disk image for an old game, and it worked!

Although I’ve seen some glitches in the graphics, and the audio is experimental but hey it is in java script!

Really amazing stuff for sure.

Be sure to check it out in a HTML5 compliant browser here.

10 thoughts on “Janus Amiga Emulator

  1. Also,
    Windows guys really upgraded WinUAE and released ver. 2.5.0 a couple of weeks ago. Works perfect. Tons of ROMs, kickstarts and boot disks available when Googling.

    I wish I could buy my very own Amiga 500+ … *cough cough* next-post-with-pics *cough cough*

    • cool, I’ll have to see if it’ll run on Wine.. WinUAE has always been a cool emu, going back to the original UAE days.. back in the day.

      I’m trying to piece together some kit, but the lack of floppy disks, drives, RS232 ports, hard disks, memory & accelerators is proving… a challenge.

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