10 thoughts on “Trying a new theme

    • Yeah I struggled to reply to this at first, but now I know where too look.. I was thinking since I’ve moved from blogspot I’ve just kept the first theme since then…

      Although if I were more of a CSS guy Id do something way custom.. but I guess I just suck.. lol

    • Awww don’t say that! Besides I know people just outside of Milan.. Although I just scored one of those limited Pimsleur CDs so I have to learn enough to say I don’t speak Italian and shrug convincingly…

      • non parlo italiano, parli inglese (or s/parli/parla/ for the formal way)? And try to look cute about it, works like a charm 🙂
        Oh, and Pimsleur’s method rocks, and I’ve tried them all..

        And keep the pixelated pic, looks retro, as it should.

        Merry Xmas and Happy Hanuka.

        • That sounds about right, I’ve struggled through the first lesson.. repetition is where it is at! The Japanese one was the same, so I guess that is the ‘method’.

          I may reshoot some of the pics to not be quite as grainy … But we’ll see.

          Oh and speaking of Christmas & Hanuka .. There must be some appalling video games related to the season… lol I’ll have to dig some out. Who knows, maybe there are some good ones even, although I can’t say that I remember any one way or the other.

  1. I really like the photographs on the top. You can add photos of my CRTs lol. But I think I removed 8086 Xenix from the drive just a few weeks ago…

    @Ottavio: “just outside Milan” means Trentino, which -I hope you agree- is quite better than our “moral capital” 🙂

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