So yeah, day late & dollar short as they don’t do any public appearances anymore.. But I stumbled upon their site, including a nice discoriography of all kinds of chiptunes.

Pretty cool, well to me anyways.


12 thoughts on “8bitpeoples

  1. Totally unrelated, but I’m thinking it would be possible to shove a copy of Windows 3.1 plus a networking stack on a floppy; Windows can fit 286 mode on a floppy, so it’s a matter of finding a networking stack an applications that will interface and work with it.

    Sounds like a challenge.

      • Actually, get your Windows 95 discs; in MINI.CAB, there is a copy of Windows 3.1 stuck in 286 mode in there.

        You can fit them on a floppy, but with some trickery with pkzip and RAM disks, you can have it extract to RAM to shove more stuff on there.

        • I’ve been making windows 3.1 standard mode diskettes long long before there was a windows 95 … And if you had ram for ramdisks, you’d have a hard disk!!!

          We used to have this glorious ‘starlan’ to connect to AT&T 3B2’s that ran some unix Lan Manager product that was.. horrible. Although later on we did find the C compiler and hammered out a version of Samba that would work, and got WFW & 95 to connect to it… But for the TCP/IP stuff you needed a hard disk, it was just too big.

          NetBEUI, maybe… maybe…

  2. Just in case you need to move hosts again, I’d like to save the jdosbox stuff. I currently have the .html pages from the domain (and I’ve stopped there because you don’t want vpsland pages (where the .zips are) to get downloaded), but I’d like to download the .zip files belonging with the dosbox files. Is that fine?

    (The list of files I’d like to download is available here, and were extracted with some Python regex magic)

      • FINISHED –2012-11-21 04:10:11–
        Total wall clock time: 1m 47s
        Downloaded: 34 files, 104M in 1m 40s (1.04 MB/s)


        I modified the files to load from my server (to save your bandwidth), but the original files are still there (just add .neozeed.html to the end of the url, as so: http://wonderful.madhacker.biz/mirrors/jdosbox.superglobalmegacorp.com/jdosbox/neko.html.neozeed.html). That URL scheme is a bit awkward however, but it’s the best I could do at 4:14AM with sed.

        • yeah the whole dosbox thing kind of grew out of control from one ‘wow this works’ moments to just quickly uploading others in the same messed up fashion…

          I did it in vi, and rather quickly and it shows… crap menus, crap links, and the same recycled comments all over the place..

          Also iI think the newer java doesn’t like jDOSBox, but I haven’t seen an update in forever.. Or the ‘new’ OS X 10.8 has issues, I don’t know. .. Or my frontier elite images are all corrupt..

          Do you have a fixed IP? I could just add rsync to the directory and just let you pull & periodically sync vpsland ….

          • Sorry, I only have a dynamic IP. Blame the shoddy shape of internet access here in the US, and the fact I don’t have a business connection (yet).

            But by some luck, maybe I can scrunge up a decently-sized VPS somehow. However it’s likely not going to happen anytime soon, and the only decent VPS I have access to happens to be your old provider :$

          • I know that feeling all too well.. Prgmr was all well & good but as the years went on by, the prices were static.. It is just too much to justify.. well that and being unemployed etc etc..

            At least I’ve gotten better at doing some backups… if I were to recommend a VPS, at the moment easevps is cool, and citynethost has been fantastic, just as long as nobody turns off Egypt again.

            Incidentally it looks like there is going to be peace again, between Gaza & Israel, so nobody should be nuking Cairo…

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