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Just before the tidal wave comes in on the Windows 8 launch, let me just spell out one thing… Windows 8 RT will *NOT* run any existing Windows applications.

I don’t know why we even have to go back down this road, but it’ll be Windows NT on the MIPS or PowerPC all over again.

And to be too honest, the price is just too damned high for what it is, and that is an evolutionary dead end.  Expect there to be some kind of post Christmas fire sale, once people find out they can’t play minecraft or sims on it.

But apparently it comes with Microsoft Office (Word & Excel?) no idea if it includes PowerPoint & Outlook..   I guess the one safe thing is that it won’t run x86 exploits/buffer overflows, so maybe this is a good PHB, ‘mom’ device.

Me?  I’m still using a 1st gen iPad.

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    • Isn’t that the truth???! Thank goodness we’ve got .net unlike back then J++ only having runtimes on the alpha & i386 … Although the Alpha did have FX!32 but I guess after the Itanium’s weak x86 performance ….. Everyone would be running L4D2 and crying that it is unbearably slow.

  1. From a friend of mine:

    just remember RT stands for Really Terrible because that’s how you will feel after spending 600 dollars and realizing that it won’t run your apps

  2. At least could recompile applications for MIPS/PPC and Alpha had FX!32. RT is purposely crippled, ala iOS.

    A shame as seeing NT get an overhaul (APIs and newer platforms) would be nice, but not like this.

    • well I guess we’ll see. Only time will tell if this thing is even around in six months, or buried like it never happened.

      Then again, look at NT 3.1, through NT 3.51 a commercial disaster, but starting with NT 4.0 it has gone on its way to the most popular OS on the planet.

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