Popularity of Google…

This is totally unscientific, but somewhat interesting (to me) as far as how people ‘search’ their way to this uh ‘exciting’ blog…

  1. 4870 google
  2. 86 bing
  3. 82 yahoo
  4. 26 yandex
  5. 10 duckduckgo!
  6. 7 conduit (which apparently is spyware!)

People actually use Bing? (Because it’s not google?)… And yes, I know the video is fake, but it is still funny.

Is it Friday yet? Somewhere?

4 thoughts on “Popularity of Google…

  1. I just type in virtuallyfun.blogspot.com, thank god for the redirect still being there..
    superglobalmegacorp is an awesome name but who can remember it? Even my Bookmarks is scared of it 😛

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