rtl8139 drivers..

I don’t know why but looking for working rtl8139 drivers for OS/2 and Windows NT 4.0 has proven to be more difficult than it should have been…

But what I’ve found is that the file “oem-8139(500).zip” on realtek‘s site basically contains everything! (well old stuff).

│ ├───95LOADER
│ ├───WINEXE
│ └───WINSYS
│ │ └───RTL8139
│ └───NIF
│ │ └───RTL8139
│ └───NIF
│ ├───DOS
│ └───OS2
│ ├───311
│ ├───312
│ ├───40
│ ├───41X
│ └───42_5X
│ ├───4.X
│ ├───5.X
│ └───TXT
│ ├───IBM
│ ├───MS
│ ├───OTHERS
│ └───UNIX

I don’t know if the link will last, but click here, and look for “OEM disk for users and manufacturers (LAN Card)”

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