Mouse issues with VirtualBOX on OS X

So I’ve been using this old intel mac pro, to run VirtualBOX with a really weird issue.. The moue pointer just doesn’t work in the VM no matter what I’ve done.

Ok, I’ll admit that instead of running in 32bit mode on this mac, I’ve set it up to boot like a PC into the chameleon bootloader to then let me boot OS X in 64bit mode.. Which makes this a great ‘hackintosh’ as its all Apple hardware.  But to get me through the booting and whatnot I’ve been using a USB keyboard/mouse, then once booted up I’ve been using bluetooth Apple keyboard/mouse (yes my desk is a disaster).

Anyways with the USB mouse plugged in, I can only move the mouse by right dragging in the VM.  It doesn’t matter if its relative mouse pointer or not.

But as soon as I unplugged the USB mouse, it works fine… Maybe its because I have two mice??

Also you’d think Apple could have done some softload 64bit firmware for the 2006 Mac Pro 1,1 but… I guess some times you have to take matters into your own hands….

Oh and that reminds me of another tip, when installing Windows XP you’ll be expected to hit F8, which on my keyboard just pauses the currently playing song.. Instead hold down the `fn` key, then press F8.  Which makes me all the more glad I got a real apple keyboard, as finding all these special keys on a windows keyboard… involved.

3 thoughts on “Mouse issues with VirtualBOX on OS X

  1. Good hackintosh, indeed 🙂

    As for the Fn key stuff, you can change the default behaviour in the Keyboard panel of the System preferences. It’s on the first page, first checkbox (on Lion at least).

    But I think that the problem arises only when using an Apple Keyboard, as the system should detect if you’re using a standard layout without Fn or not.

    • Many people suffer from a misconception that there’s a F8 key on an Apple keyboard. There isn’t. That’s exactly why the ‘F8’ label is printed in the corner in small type and why Fn has to be held to get the F8 keystroke.

      The Apple keyboards are really different, which can be easily seen when attaching a regular PC USB keyboard and comparing the behavior. Also, try finding the Insert key on an Apple keyboard.

      • I have the new wireless keyboard, and it has F1-12 labeled on it.. I’d say maybe they are improving with the times, but there is no numpad on this thing… Only apple seems to get away with new products withe less things, and it being heralded as being better… lol

        I was happy to find that fn+arrow keys got me page up/down… Although the original Mac keyboards had no arrow keys, to prevent people from doing text mode ports, and to force people to use the mouse……

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