PX00307, also known when Windows NT was born.

I just found out about, PX00307.pdf, basically its when Microsoft was thinking about breaking away from OS/2 and making the future all Windows based….

Its funny how they say that OS/2 PM has a better API, and at the same time were talking about having NT continue using an INT 21 interface for Windows.. No doubt this is all high level talk, Cutler would have killed anyone for even mentioning INT 21… lol

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  1. Yea, that anti-trust exhibit was notable IMO for what it didn’t mention. For example, the problems of the 32-bit Windows extenders (some of which still existed in Win9x!) which 32-bit OS/2 didn’t have.

    • I’ve only liked the VMWare product on OS X… Years ago VMWare did me wrong on an ESX license and not only wanted to charge me 100% of the price to ‘upgrade’ to version 3, but also wanted to back charge the support for the year and a half that our contract on the 1.x product had lapsed. The best part is that it lapsed because the person who managed the software contracts on our part had died, and it slipped through the cracks, they knew the whole time, but made zero effort to reach out to us about the license expiring. Prior to our company being bought out, we were about 50% of the way migrating all our VMWare infrastructure to Proxmox/VE.

      That said, I may have to do some kind of upgrading through NT 3.1 – 7 or something…..

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