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Compute 33, March 1986

Back when I was a kid (was I ever a kid), anyways the first machine I was lucky enough to get was a Commodore 64! Unfortunately I was too young to understand what it was, or what I could even do with it.  Although they did have commodore computers in our grade school, the whole microcomputer revolution was so new to everyone that they pretty much just sat there until someone came by to show us how to load programs from diskette & tape.

But to be honest ‘educational games’ in 1983/4 really didn’t grab my interest and for the most part my C64 sat dormant.  However by 1986, I remember this magazine sticking out at some convenience store, and I was hooked! The whole program in a magazine seemed so awesome, and to be honest the idea of machine code, and having to type in a CRC’d editor was so far fetched to me, that I took MONTHS to get that typed in alone..But without a modem, I suddenly was connected to so many others who were now part of the microcomputer revolution.  I recently stumbled onto this great archive at that has the first forty five issues scanned into PDF.  Its all there, including the ads for things like ‘sublogic football‘ ..

Enjoy the history!

One thought on “Compute!’s Gazette archive

  1. Thanks for posting this find, I was not aware of this archive. I suspect I’m going to up late tonight reading these and remembering the countless hours spent playing games like Jumpman, Beach Head, Racing Destruction Set and Elite.

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