Internet Explorer 5.2.3 for OS X

Internet Explorer

So I was looking for an old favorite of mine, Internet Explorer for OS X, and I found this site,

While it doesn’t have a lot of information about this old abandoned and PowerPC only release, it does maintain a download for this old browser.

For all of you, running Intel OS X, without rosetta you can’t run this. Although if you still have Tiger, or Leopard, then yes you can run IE 5.2.3 for OS X.

One thought on “Internet Explorer 5.2.3 for OS X

  1. I should add that Snow Leopard can run PowerPC applications still on the intel macs, but rosetta is an optional install. IBM bought out transitive, the company behind rosetta and naturally like all good things IBM touches, its dead.

    So Lion, and Mountain Lion cannot run PowerPC applications. The only thing I can suggest is making a virtual ‘hackintosh’ with EmpireEFI & Snow Leopard with VirtualBOX or VMWare ….

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