sixteen year aniversary of the Qtest1 (quake test) release

OK, well it actually was 2/24/1996 …

iD still has the download on their FTP server..

Anyways I managed to meet the right people and score a beta copy of Quake! The mysterious 0.8 or ‘beta 3’ version.  So I thought you guys would love it, and what better way to enjoy these old things than jdosbox.

And of course I’ve put up all the versions I’ve been able to find so far.  Now I just need a fun way to network all of this stuff.

2 thoughts on “sixteen year aniversary of the Qtest1 (quake test) release

  1. I’m sorry, i played Quake beta3 when i was 6th years old. Unfortunately i can’t find (and download) this version now. So, can you send me that version Quake (Beta3)? I’ll verry happy if you send it.
    Mail – [email protected]

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