Spam is getting out of controll, a preemptive appology

If I don’t reply to your comments, and your comment never gets ‘approved’ then it probably got tagged as spam. I’d normally get 20-30 a day, but the last month its been a steady 200-300++ spams, and I simply cannot get through them all so I’ve been periodically purging the whole thing.  From what I can tell the blog software & filters is doing a good job, so I can only assume that is fine…

But I do know in the past that there have been legitimate posts lost in there, and now there really is no hope.  For example right now the stats read:

1073 Visits  2644 Pageviews with 8% of those being SPAM.

which is pretty cool to think there has been ~987 unique people to hit my blog in the last 24 hours!

I hope to take all the spam as a sign that I’m growing.  I know last year was a ‘good year’ for updates.. Although I haven’t made any resolutions for the new year.. I do hope to keep up the posts!.. Even if finding new & exciting things seems to be hard as I’ve covered so much so there probably will be quite a bit of revisiting but such is life.

Although I will get out one goal through the year, and that is to program this sega genesis I bought.  Not just the emulator but I have high hopes to somehow program this beast!!!  From what Ive done research wise my ‘attack’ vector will be the CD-ROM as it is trivial to burn a CD, while making a ROM cartridge will require a programmer.. Maybe if I get too crazy I may buy one but for now I’m content to collect a few more model-1 CD drives and get them at least working to the point they can boot up some CD’s (I’ve got two now!)..

Oh well that is my minimal goals.  If I were more motivated I’d tear into google’s NACL and port some games, or some emulators…

But who knows the year is still young.

Happy 2012!

Ok, I'm lost the stats don't match... 😐

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