Hyper-V to be a part of Windows 8?

While trying to install Virtual PC for windows on the Windows 8 Build 8102, I eventually found out after a lot of finagling that it just isn’t supported.  However, get this Hyper-V is in there!

Hello Hyper-V

I was hoping for maybe some kind of desktop hyper-v experience but hell I’ll take anything I can get at this point.. At least I can still load up the cisco VPN in my old VM and keep on working there… But I probably shouldn’t have loaded 8 on my main machine.. Live & Learn.

2 thoughts on “Hyper-V to be a part of Windows 8?

    • I would assume so, as my computer was sleeping this morning… Although I can’t test any further as I had to remove windows 8 as it wouldn’t load drivers for any of my wifi cards, and my ‘wired’ ethernet bridge… sucks.

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