Just got reddited…

Well my server still seems up so that is good…!


Notice the traffic peak?

A little digging around and I found the article from the logs  (well more like an avalanche of logs!)

MS's protected mode OSes as of year 1990

Which just seems… Odd.  Of all the things, it’s an old post about Windows 3.0.  No mention of Xenix or OS/2 the other protected mode OS’s of 1990…

But I can’t complain over 600 visits beyond the norm is a good thing.  Too bad nobody stuck around for other pages.

I guess the challenge is for me to make the site more…. compelling to read? I know I’ve been far too terse  the last few years.  Oh well.  One interesting thing is that last night the amount of SPAM actually dropped! … The RSS traffic picked up so we shall see how/if popular this gets… lol

3 thoughts on “Just got reddited…

  1. Hi,

    Came across your site while searching for cool things to do with a VPS. I hung around reading your stuff.. I run a similar site, not really about virtualization, but just about stuff I like, including Linux, Virutalization, books, etc etc.. just my own little journal, actually.

    I was Slashdotted once and it was pretty awesome. Of course, no one comes back, but hey, that doesn’t stop me writing! At the very least, it’s fun to go back and read stuff I wrote years ago.

    So this is essentially a long-winded way of saying, “Nice job, keep on going”.

    And now I must try installing Qemu on my VPS. I played around with Qemu a while back, but haven’t looked at it recently.

    • “Cool things to do with a VPS”… now that is an article that needs writing… 🙂 Yeah that is the big thing, just keep on writing!! It is weird how when you write, you suddenly thrive on feedback, comments and all that, and yet as a passive reader I never commented, +1’d or anything…lol

      I guess I can’t complain, 2% of all pageviews turn into comments…

      No doubt I’ll have to title it “So i have a virtual private server. now what?”

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