16 thoughts on “oldlinux.org is down.

  1. i’ve rsync’ed the whole thing, so if it ever goes down again, i can put it in my dropbox or something.

    by the way, does anybody know how to get my hands on SVR4 man pages, preferably in classic .pkg format? i have the install diskettes for SVR4 2.1, but none of them include any man pages. i know i should be posting this on the TUHS mailing list, but i figured i’d try my chances here first..

  2. I’m rsynching it too.
    I’ve mirrored a lot of sites with old stuff lately (although asimov.net turned out to be huge and almost more than I could chew, lol), seeing as things drop off the net more often than we would like. There are still links out there with data that I wish I had seen before the links went to 404 responses.

    As for SVR4 man pages.. I’m sure I had access to them in the past, but that was before I realized the value of making copies before it all disappeared. 🙁

    • Yeah I’ve still wound up losing more then I care to think about…. I guess we can only keep so much? Which is kind of funny looking at the price of a 1TB disk these days.

  3. Speaking of old Linux… anyone have ISOs of old Red Hat Linux releases, especially 1.0-3.0? The ISOs are either completely gone or were never available for download, which seems hard to believe. There are some scattered files available here and there, but because Red Hat required a CD to install (or NFS, which is even harder), it’s kinda tricky to set up.

  4. His website seems to go down from time to time in the last month or two. Luckily the mirrors work (including the one at kernel.org – it did work before the security breach of last week).

    • yeah it’s kind of crazy… I’m just glad that I was able to snag a copy it’d be a damned shame to lose that kind of history (again) ….

      It is funny just how easy it is to lose this kind of stuff.

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