Follow up on Dungeon (zork) for RT-11

I have documented the install steps back here, a long while back.  However recently I did get a request for a binary for this for someone to try to load up  on a physical PDP-11.  The steps sure are duanting and of course time consuming for a first time user, so while I was building dungeon again, I thought I should take this opertunity to package this up and make it more accesable for everyone.

This is the output of my ‘effort’ although the real thanks to this goes to Bob Supnik ,not only for writing SIMH making it possible, but also for porting Dungeon to Fortran way back then.

Extract the archive using 7zip, then run pdp11.exe and it should boot you up into RT-11.  Then just type in


And you should be teleported to the open field west of a big white house with a boarded front door…

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