Wasteland & Battletech

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I was playing fallout the other day, and I had to find out what inspired the whole thing.  I should have remembered this game, wasteland.  Although to be honest I found it overly complicated, and got killed off way too often.  Then again I was 11 when it came out so it was slightly beyond me.

Oh well I set it up on jdosbox to see if I’d do any better years later, and sadly the answer is… no.

But it reminds me of BattleTech: The Crescent Hawks Revenge, with all the animated graphics … Another fine game of 1988.

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Which was great fun, but I need to figure out how to set the cycle speed in jdosbox as it’s too fast (it doesn’t feel too fast but time certainly passes too quickly).

Oh well this was the best gaming I remember in the summer of 1988.


2 thoughts on “Wasteland & Battletech

  1. awesome awesome awesome awesome!!!!!! I’ve fixed battletech and now the other plus is that it doesn’t consume 100% of the CPU.

    I’ll have to experiment with other setups as well, since it was a mega pain losing so much CPU to run things like… Windows. I figure 500 cycles is close enough to XT performance…

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