Domain Poker

No really this isn’t some cheezy ad for ‘internet poker’.  Wait, well maybe it is.  Anyways I was on my Synchronet with a friend when we tried ‘Domain Poker’, and the version that shipped with Synchronet for DOS-OS/2 is the trial version.  And it’s old.  So while googling for an updated version I came across

Happy Y2K and beyond!
In support of the renewed interest in Synchronet BBS Software and it’s expectedtelnet capabilities some of you have been asking for registered versions of theold Domain Entertainment doors.  Instead, I’ve gone ahead and recompiled thesome of the doors (the games) so that they don’t require any registration.
Be aware that Domain Entertainment no longer makes, sells, or supports BBSdoors so use these at your own risk.  Domain Entertainment assumes no liabilityfor errors or omissions in these files or damages resulting from the use ofthem.
You may freely distribute this software so long as it is distributed in it’soriginal form with all accompanying files.

Wow that’s pretty cool!

So I’ve loaded it up on my BBS, and I’ve also updated the ‘bubble‘ BBS.

Although I don’t know poker for crap, any time I’ve won it’s with ‘neutral computers’ that don’t cheat. lol

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