For all you TradeWars 2002 fans….

Click to play!


I just found out that jdosbox can do the ‘boot’ command.  So as a test here is TradeWars 2002 running in single user mode.  I suppose I could go all out and make a standalone single node BBS with tradewars configured for the ‘full effect’.

But for now this will have to do.

Click the picture to launch! (needs Java).

2 thoughts on “For all you TradeWars 2002 fans….

  1. What version of TW are you running? I’m trying 1.0.3 and can’t get past the installation process. What steps did you take?

    • I used version 3.09, the last version of TradeWars 2002… I’ve made the ‘normal’ DOS version available here, and the DPMI version here.

      Installation is pretty simple, unzip the zip file where you want it to live, then run the install.bat which will create the needed directories, unzip everything, then walk you through the bigbang.

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