Javascript PC! / Linux in a browser!

That’s right.  Fabrice Bellard, has done it again, he’s given us such great things like TCC, Qemacs, and of course, Qemu.  But now he’s written a x86 emulator in javascript.

Thats right, javascript.

Behold jslinux (works in Chrome 11 & Firefox 4).

I must say, it’s fast.  A lot faster than I would have ever expected.

The hardware is a basic CPU, clock chip, and a UART.  however it’ll run things like vi just fine.  If you have either browser, give it a shot, it’s nothing short of amazing.

One thought on “Javascript PC! / Linux in a browser!

  1. I’m thoroughly impressed. Bogomips is pretty low, but I’ve run remote systems that have worked slower than this, interactively. Everything seems to be working just as expected.

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