Virtual PC 2007 issues with TAB and ESCAPE keys on Windows 7 sp1

The hits keep rolling.

Well no doubt if you are still using VPC 2007, at some point you’ve probably found under Windows 7 sp1, the tab & esc keys stop working. According this page, you can create a local security policy to allow %appdata%\microsoft\vritual pc\vpckeyboard.dll to be runnable by all.

So just open up your LSA tool and…… You’ll quickly find out that Home versions have lovingly cut this functionality out.

But the only ‘fix’ is to simply run it as administrator.

Oh well I guess the hint is that Virtual PC for Windows thing, that took vpc from a virtualization solution into a crappy host for IE 6 (way to destroy a product), and they took out the sound blaster and floppy drive support. Nothing like a reducing functionality as a way forward.

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